Our vision

The biotechnology industry is expanding, with a growing demand in the extraction of natural products and other techniques, for the manufacture of added value products with applications in different sectors such as the pharmaceutical, veterinary, food, dietetics, etc. The industry uses clean energy and is less polluting than the traditional industry, providing a cleaner and more efficient process.

The activity of BIOACORES is centered within the field of Sustainable Chemistry, a term that is currently the preferred translation of the so-called Green Chemistry. This clearly designates a general purpose: the reduction of pollution by substances harmful to health and the environment, without diminishing the social benefits provided by chemical activity.


"Sustainable", in the context of chemistry, responds to the ethical obligation to contribute to the development and welfare of all the nations of the planet, without affecting nature or future generations. This takes place primarily with the sustainability of the industrial chemical activity itself, threatened by the viability of its production due to the foreseeable irreversible depletion of the sources of the raw materials.